Burnbeck featuring Coryburn (N Gauge)


Our second N gauge layout features part of the club’s old N gauge exhibition layout Starbeck Bridge. Starbeck was 32 feet long and had a branch line that led to Coryburn.  Coryburn  formed the starting point for Burnbeck, still with me?

We where challenged by an old club exhibition manager to build a layout in 12 months for the following years exhibition, challenge  accepted we started with Coryburn and built two other boards along with a fiddle yard.

Board one features a country scene including farmhouse and hunting  stables, also on this board is the coal mine with its working batch plant for loading coal into trucks.

Board two is mainly countryside with single track running, although it does feature a scratch built watermill and woodland deer park.

The fiddle yard attaches to board two to make the complete layout.

Burnbeck can be used in two formats 13 foot 6 x 5 foot or 10 foot 6 x 5 foot, this is because Coryburn can be fit in two different ways.

Note. Coryburn can also be run on its own with a dedicated fiddle yard measuring 10 foot x 2 foot, in this format this fits in a large car.

To book Burnbeck or Coryburn contact Steve